Viñas en Flor: Our history

Viñas en Flor is a winery in the Valley of Cafayate, Salta, on the legendary Route 40, 5500 feet about sea level.

At Viñas en Flor we have the peaceful, deep blue sky. We have hills that have turned into many colors, amaranth and yellow, carmine and cobalt, green and purple. We have 1200 rose bushes whose sole purpose is to soften and perfume the hills, the grapes, the weather and the land where we make our wine. We have just the right intensity of sun, bathing the vines and rose bushes in golden light. We have water, elusive and capricious, filling us with freshness and joy.

We have new breezes full of energy, ideas, oils and perfumed aromas floating in a sea of colors, transporting us to places that are intimate, intense and endless. We have deep, intelligent, high-quality roots. We are women and men who have travelled thousands and thousands of miles, hand in hand with the most knowledgeable people from all cultures, listening, learning, watching and capitalizing on all kinds of experiences. We brought all this to Cafayate and blended it into our hills, our vines, our culture, our lives.

We have one great passion: work done with love. We have one great challenge: to learn something new every day, while staying open to change and getting a helping hand from cutting-edge technology. With all these ingredients we make our elegant, balanced wines, seductive and fragrant with a whole lot of character.

Viñas en Flor is all of this. We are always moving, always searching, always learning, always going as far as God will allow us.

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