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Cafayate is a region as special as it is unique in the world, and those who visit it will hardly forget it. Cafayate combines the magic of the beautiful wine places of the old world with the modernity of the new world.

This small valley is located 1,700 meters above sea level and offers unique characteristics for winemaking. The proximity of the vines with the sun by height, the luminosity of the days, the high thermal amplitude between day and night, the few rains, the composition of the soil and the water of very good wine-growing quality, are some of the conditions that allow us to make terroir wines, elegant, harmonious and of great aromatic expression.

Cafayate has excellent landscapes, climate, handicrafts and typical regional gastronomy, world-class folk music, local characters and typical and special wines that always make people talk, not forgetting the men who work in this activity with a lot of passion, pride and love for the land. 

There are few places on earth where magical things really happen. Cafayate, is undoubtedly one of those places. For this reason, Cafayate means in the original language of the place: the town that has it all.