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Our History

Viñas en Flor is a winery located in Cafayate, Salta, on the legendary  National Route 40 and 1.700 meters above sea level.

Our story began in 2007 when we planted the first vineyards. We are men and women who traveled thousands of kilometers listening, observing, learning from those who know the most and capitalizing on all kinds of experiences. We brought them to Cafayate, and we mixed them with our mountains, our vineyards, our culture and our experiences.

In Viñas en Flor we have a deep blue sky that is synonymous with peace.

We have hills that became colors, and in them amaranth and yellow, carmine and cobalt, green and purple came together.

We plated 1,200 rose bushes that accompany the vines, flavor the grapes and the hills, soften the climate and the land with which we make our wines.

We have sunlight in its right intensity that bathes the vines and the rose garden in gold.

We have water, elusive and capricious, that fills us with freshness and joy.

We bring new airs full of energy, ideas, oils and perfumed aromas that float in a sea of ​​colors and transport us to intimate, intense and endless places.

We have deep, intelligent and very good roots.

We have deep respect and admiration for our land.

We are moved by a great passion: work done with love.

We have a great challenge: learning something new every day, being open to change, and shaking hands with the latest technology.

With all these ingredients we made our wines, which turned out to be elegant, balanced wines, with a lot of personality, seductive and fragrant.

All this is Viñas en Flor. We keep moving, we keep looking, we keep learning, we keep walking until God allows it.